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In recent years, with the proliferation of Chinese people visiting Adelaide, the Chinese consumer market is fast growing. Many local businesses want to share a slice of the market. However, they do not know how to reach the Chinese consumer market effectively.

For this purpose, the City of Adelaide City Hall held a special seminar on the theme “Trading With Chinese Visitors Workshop” at the Meeting Hall in Adelaide Town Hall on June 4. They gathered professionals to explain the consumer habits and market characteristics of Chinese consumers in order to facilitate the optimization of products by local merchants, as well as to increase retail capacity and the company’s business capabilities. This seminar invited four merchants: Chinese Language Cultural Advice, Study Adelaide, Union Pay, and us 58.com Adelaide. 

Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

The purpose of this seminar is to show everyone how to let local merchants find suitable marketing channels to better promote their business to Chinese customers.

So, what channel does Adelaide have to offer to Chinese customers to access more product information?


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(The Account Manager of 58.com Adelaide site, Carol, demonstrated the history of 58 to everyone.)

58.com is a Chinese classified advertisements website enabling local merchants and consumers to publish information and advertise their service offerings in local communities. 58.com’s package includes target consumer group identification, services and products advertising, online marketing service, and customer relations management. As the biggest online classifieds publisher, 58.com provides free, localised and credible information for voluntary users.

Founded on December 12, 2005, and headquartered in Beijing, 58.com is China’s for-profit version of Craigslist in the United States.

The Adelaide site was established in 2017. In the first three months,  the increasing traffic volume has already topped as the fast-growing overseas site in the 58.com global family.


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(Presentation from Chris – Managing Director of 58.com Australia)


The following are some local case studies of 58.com Adelaide site. The results are astonishing. Clearly, that 58 has great influence in the overseas Chinese community. It is the number one choice for local businesses and users.

Case 1

Adelaide Aquatic Centre

It is well-known that winter is the off-season for people going to swimming pool. Adelaide Aquatic Centre ran a 20% off sales promotion on limited time frame and deployed a week-long advertising campaign on the 58.com Adelaide site. Turned out, 34 people had actively received discount code, and in the end, 16 people purchased the annual membership. That’s $10,000+ sales generated for Adelaide Aquatic Centre!

Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(Aquatic Centre Advertising format and landing page)


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(Data report)


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(Classic sales funnel)

The manager of Marketing Innovation from Adelaide City Council has appraised 58.com:


 A magical website!


Because of this,  Council invited 58.com to share our successful experiences with Adelaide businesses


Case 2

Australian coffee Academy

This is a renowned coffee school in Adelaide. With recent family issues, principal Brian had to put everything on hold and lost almost all the client. He had thought about giving up the school. However, after a chat with 58.com Australia’s Director, Chris, Brian decided to give the last shot. 58.com helped him approaching different clients in the market: local Chinese community. The result is overwhelming, they attracted a lot of Chinese international students within the first month. Now Brain has too increase the staffing and equipment to keep up with the demand.

(Brian – Owner of Australian Coffee Academy) 

Case 3

Telstra on Gouger Street

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company. Due to the service/plan fee is relatively higher than all other competitors, Telstra is hard to attract Chinese bargain hunters in the past. However, after Telstra found out about 58.com and listened to our professional suggestions, their sales performance and market share in Chinese community increased steadily in the past sic months. Nowadays 85% of customers are Chinese which leads the record in all the South Australia stores. Their evaluation of 58.com is extremely high and that’s why Telstra Gouger Street store has become a good long-term VIP customer with us.


(Tania – Owner of Telstra store on Gouger street)


Case 4

Anytime Fitness Adelaide

Anytime fitness club on Morphett St is another classic example of located in the Chinatown but unable to attract Chinese customers.  The solution implemented by 58.com increased their performance by three times. Chris said the new clients just walked in and signed the contracts without asking much questions. 58.com is the magical place that Chinese people do their homework before they try anything. Once you feed them enough correct information, the rest will just happen organically.

(Justin –  Owner of Anytime Fitness Adelaide)


The event was completed with huge success. 58.com also brought a small gift for everyone. The 58 logo ring for mobile phone.


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

58 logo ring


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(Selfie of Chris and participants)


Please feel free to contact our team if you need anything. I will develop a product promotion plan that suits you based on your situation. We will make your business easier.


Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

(Team of 58.com Adelaide)

Jetek Digital Agency Adelaide 58.com Australia

This website is strongly recommended by Adelaide City Council, don’t you want to try it?


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