Exporting to China from Australia

Around 20 years ago, there was no Alibaba, eBay, or 58.com (click link know what is 58.com) and the vast majority of people did not even have cell phones. The Internet was still at its infancy, and mobile shopping was not a thing yet. Many things have changed over the course of two decades.


Put into force in December 2015, the ChAFTA or Chinese-Australia Free-Trade Agreement has transformed Australian-based businesses into major players in mainland China. A lot of Chinese buyers not have access to a large number of Australian products and their commerce practices have been made easier by WeChat.


China is the largest export market for Australian commodities, making up almost a third of total amount of export. If your business is expanding overseas, chances are good that you can build a profitable company by making sure that the Chinese are aware of your brand. China is currently a leader in e-commerce industry, accounting for 40% of global market. The mobile payment alone is 11 times bigger than that of US.


WeChat is not just an app.

Unlike in many other countries, WeChat is the most favourable mobile messaging app in China. To say that WeChat is just an app to send and receive messages over the Internet is actually a blatant understatement because it also offers a complete list of features to conduct the businesses of promoting, selling, and purchasing products with ease. It also has it’s own payment gateway, WeChat Pay. (click this link if you want open WeChat pay for your business) Let us not forget that the Chinese government blocks competing apps such as Instagram and Facebook


If you are thinking about exporting to China, the business.gov.au is a good place to start digging more information and researching your opportunities. The free-trade agreement portal has been developed specifically to help Australian-based business to access lucrative business options offshore, especially in China.


If you are located in Adelaide Australia. Feel free to meet us in our office (2/465 Pulteney St, Adelaide). Or call us on 13000 58 588. It’s never too late to explore the Chinese Market!

Exporting to China from Australia

Jetek Digital Agency and 58.com can help you approach Chinese customers both living in Australia and China.

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