Top 10 hot Chinese actresses in 2019

8. Sun Li 孙俪

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Betty Sun Li, born in 1982 in Shanghai, is a Chinese actress and singer. She rose to prominence mainly for her role in New Shanghai Bund, Iron Road, and Jade Goddess of Mercy.


9. Zhao Wei 赵薇

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Zhao Wei, born in 1976, is a Chinese actress and pop singer. Zhao was selected by People Magazine as the one of  the 100 Most Beautiful People in 2006.


10. Zhang Yuqi 张雨绮

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Zhang Yuqi, born in 1986 played her first major role in Stephen Chow’s 2007 film CJ7. Her latest film is White Deer Plain.


Of course, besides above 10 most beautiful and hot Chinese female stars, there are also a lot of other beautiful Chinese actresses. Do you know any other hot Chinese actresses, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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    they are beautiful,but there are more beautiful actresses who are not known

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